Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 3 - Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. BC Lions

Let me say first off that I'm a pretty big Roughies fan, so I'm very happy my guys won 28-24. I just thought I'd share my thoughts on the game last night. You can watch the highlights here.

One...I don't know if it was first game of the season jitters or what...but hanging on to the ball seemed to be an issue for both clubs. There were 15 turnovers this game, and 48 points scored off of turnovers.

Two...I was really quite impressed with Darian Durant, Saskatchewan's new number one QB. At no point did I feel like he was losing his composure, even when his offence turned the ball over to BC. I also think it's great that coach Miller has decided to stick with one guy as the number one QB. Last year, there were a few guys in that spot and I just don't think that worked at all.

Three....I do wish the Roughies had held on to the lead a little better. They were up by 18 points at one time, if it hadn't been for one BC receiver dropping the ball at one point late in the 4th quarter the Lions would have come back and won.

But overall, I'm happy with what happened and I'm looking forward to one week from today when they'll play against the Argos in Toronto.

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